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Every client MUST read and agree to these before booking me for a paid photoshoot to prevent confusion.



  • A 50% deposit may be required before the shoot to secure the shoot slot time/date. Deposits are non refundable.

  • If there needs to be a cancellation, it must be made 24 hours prior to the photoshoot


  • From the shoot time agreed this is when I will start charging, even if you are late. For example if you book your shoot for 1pm on Saturday, the rate will start at 1pm on Saturday.

  • I do not photograph in heavy rain

  • If need to reschedule for out of control reasons such as weather changes, the slot can be changed with no further charges.



  • Clients must choose the photos they would like to be edited (the amount will be agreed before the shoot) on my Pixieset photo gallery using the favourites and notes buttons.

  • Clients must give the photographer up to 10 working days (from when the client has finished choosing on the gallery), to be given the finished photos. If you need the images quicker please contact me.

  • Clients are not allowed to post/share/download any unedited images. 

  • Clients must not post the images distorted in any way (for example a filter on top of my edit) unless permission has been asked from me first.

  • Retouching in more depth and other longer editing processes (more than a preset and adjustments) will cost extra to my rate which can be discussed.

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