My name is Laura Carter and I am a professional photographer and editorial designer. I am based in Bristol but travel to Bath, Cardiff and London sometimes for shoots.
I have worked with over 100 different models since May 2018. You can view them here. I mainly photograph fashion and portraits, but I also do parties, weddings, collaborations and brand work. 
My inspiration comes from other creatives, social media, Pinterest and my surroundings. I find my models through Instagram, message them and ask if they want to shoot and then arrange a date, time and location. 


How long have you been doing photography?
I did an A Level in Photography which I finished in May 2018, and I have been doing fashion and portrait photography since then.
How many models have you worked with?
I have worked with over 100 models, you can count the exact mount on my clients page, where they are all listed A-Z. Their modelling experience ranges from beginner to professional. 
How many photoshoots do you do per week?
Average 1-2, but I am to do 3-4 per week.
Do you do any other photography than just portrait and fashion?
Yes I do events such as weddings, parties, engagement, couple shoots, and sometimes houses for estate agents. Enquire about anything else on my contact form at the bottom of this page or my instagram @lauracharlottephotos.
I have never modelled before, do you shoot beginners?
Yes I shoot all levels of experience. I can also give some direction on the shoot for poses if needed. There is no need to be nervous, my shoots are a calm and friendly experience.
Will you choose the location for the shoot?
If you have an idea for location I am happy to listen. If not I usually have a list of locations to shoot in for different fashion style types. Extra charges may apply to cover travel if the shoot is outside of Bristol.
How long are your photoshoots?
The average time my photoshoots take is 45 minutes to 1 hour, however I charge by the hour. You can see my prices here.
What are your rates?
See my prices here.
How many outfits can I fit in a 1 hour shoot?
Maximum 4, because of changing time aswell.
When will I receive my images?
I aim to send the edited images within 1-2 days, however it can take up to 7 days after the shoot.
How many images will I receive?
I usually say up to 100 edited images, could be more, could be less. 
Can I have the RAW files?
I only give out the RAW files if you are a blogger/influencer who has paid for a blogger/influencer package, or under special circumstances.
Can I have the images without your watermark?
You can purchase your images without the watermark for an extra £5.
Can I have some more images edited?
Yes, I will have to charge extra depending on how many.
Can I submit images for publication?
Please contact Laura Charlotte Photography if you are thinking of submitting any images for publication, advertisement, or any formal submission due to copyright laws.


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